3 Important Uses Of Potassium Citrate You Should Know About

Posted by Admin on January, 01, 2024

A potassium salt of citric acid, potassium citrate is a chemical that exists as an odorless, white, hygroscopic, powdery substance with a mild saline taste. It contains about 38.3% potassium by mass. In the process of potassium citrate formulation, citric acid is produced first using a fermentation process.

After fermentation, unwanted by-products are separated from citric acid, and potassium hydroxide is added to form potassium citrate crystals. Potassium citrate crystals are then separated from the solution and converted into powder. Potassium citrate has several industrial and medical uses. Here, we will discuss some uses of potassium citrate:-

1. Used As A Food Preserver

Preservation of food is something that humans have done for ages. Food preservation is the process that helps us prevent our food from deteriorating due to light, heat, oxidation, or microorganisms and keeps our food fresh. Salt was the primary preserving agent used in ancient times. Nowadays, we use preserving agents to preserve our food. One of the effective preserving agents we use is potassium citrate.

The primary reason for using potassium citrate as a food preservative is it acts as a buffering agent and helps adjust the pH levels in food items like soft drinks. This chemical has a pH between 7.5 and 9, depending on its concentration. It helps inhibit the function of certain enzymes and preserves the food for a long time.

Potassium citrate also affects the taste of soft drinks and food. It is used as a flavor enhancer. The tangy & sour taste of potassium citrate tends to minimize the acidity of carbonated soft drinks and citrus beverages and give a more balanced tart flavor to them. Potassium citrate is the most common ingredient in diet sodas.

Potassium citrate acts as an emulsifier and is added to some processed dairy items like cheese to keep all the individual components from separating. Potassium citrate gives the cheese a consistent appearance and texture, making it tempting to consumers.

2. Used For Medicinal Purposes:

Potassium citrate is an essential supplement for human health. It is commonly used to treat stones in the kidneys. Potassium citrate breaks up the stones formed in the kidneys into small pieces, making them pass safely through the urine. It helps prevent urine saturation, which can occur with a high-protein diet.

Potassium citrate can help with muscle contractions, such as skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles. It can also help maintain normal blood pressure and healthy cells and produce energy. Potassium citrate is usually diluted in water and then consumed orally.

3. Used For Agricultural Purposes:

Potassium is the essential nutrient that improves crop photosynthesis and sugar production in fruits. It is crucial in fruit-bearing plants. Potassium helps regulate electrolytes and the turgidity of plant cells. Potassium is required at all growth phases of plants, so potassium-rich fertilizers are used in agricultural fields.

Potassium citrate provides an advantage over inorganic slats, such as potassium sulfate and muriate of potash. The citrate molecule is immediately recognized and absorbed by the plant. Then, the absorbed citrate is quickly converted into carbohydrates, which helps form sugar in fruits, helps ripen fruits faster, and improves fruit production.

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